How can I clean my Composite Decking?

Rebecca Smith

January 23, 2021

We look at the best way to clean your composite decking and keep it looking great

It's important to note that although composite decking may not need much maintenance, it will need cleaning.

Cleaning your Composite Decking

Let's keep it clean...

Here's our easy to follow guide to cleaning your composite decking.

Keep it looking great for years to come and it takes a LOT less time than you think.

Alpha composite decking is extremely durable and able to handle pretty much all types of weather with ease. With easy installation it's a great choice for those who don't want to annual maintenance needed with traditional timber decking. Our composite decking boards generally need little to no maintenance. But it's important to note that although it may not need much maintenance it will need cleaning and from time to time you will find that you need to give your decking a little extra'TLC'.

After the autumn and winter months you may find a build up of leaves and dirt on your decking that isn't too much of an issue the rest of the year. But we also advise keeping your decking free of leaves, debris and dirt. A quick wash down with a hose, warm soapy water and a brush should do the trick and in most cases will be sufficient to keep your composite decking looking great. We advise doing this a couple of times a year or whenever you want to give you decking a little refresh. Quick tip - don't forget to remove furniture and decorations when cleaning to ensure you don't mess any spots in need of some attention.

  • Before starting a clean sweep away any dirt, debris or leaves and rinse your composite decking with warm water to prepare your boards and help loosen any stubborn dirt.
  • Add some soap such as washing up liquid into a bucket of warm water, do not use any harsh or abrasive chemicals, and using a soft-bristle brush remove dirt and debris. Don't forget to try and get into the smallest gaps and don't miss any areas.
  • After you have finished cleaning with soap and water use a hose to wash down any excess soapy water and dirt left from cleaning. Do not allow soapy water to sit on the surface of the boards longer than is needed.

However sometimes you may find that you need a little extra help to get your decking looking tip-top. There are a few different cleaning products specifically designed for use on composite decking. A brand that we recommend to our Alpha Decking customer's is Compo-Clean. Compo-Clean can clean your decking surface in around 5 mins and can be easily applied with a brush or roller straight from the bottle. When you’re finished you simply rinse it with water and it’s done. Compo-Clean comes in 1L, 2.5L and 15L sizes and 1L will cover around 5-10 meters of composite decking.

Once your decking has been down for many years or it's laid in a heavy use area such as a walkway you may want to give you decking a little revive. That's where Compo-Care comes in. Compo-Care is a water-based coating for reviving all types of composite decking. What's great is that it enhances and revives the colour of the WPC whilst helping to protect it from stains. It's really easy to apply and only needs a single coat and it's currently available in brown and grey.

We'd always advice contacting the manufacturer of cleaning products to ensure you are using the product correctly.

One last top tip for cleaning your composite decking

  • Immediately clean any spillages such liquids, grease, oil or food from your composite decking. The longer you leave it on the surface of your boards the more chance it has of causing damage and allowing oils to soak into the composite. Over time this could cause lasting damage and invalidate any warranty you may have.

If you any other cleaning tips or advice please feel free to call our team on 0203 011 1661 and we'll be happy to help.


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