Composite Decking - FAQs

Rebecca Smith

January 13, 2021

The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Composite Decking

When you are investing in something new there are always questions that will arise, and it's no different when it comes to composite decking... that's where we come in!

When you are investing in something new there are always questions that will arise, and it's no different when it comes to composite decking. It is still a relatively new product if you compare it to traditional wood decking so you may not know a lot about it... that's where we come in and hopefully this post will be able to answer the most common questions about Alpha Composite Decking.

What is the main benefit of Composite Decking?

It saves you time and money! What's great about wood plastic composite (WPC) decking and our personal favourite, is that it needs virtually no maintenance! Yes, it's true, gone are the times of setting aside a day or two every year to stain, seal and paint your wood decking after an autumn and winter of rain, dirt and grime. The recycled plastic content in Alpha Decking boards means they are ultra resistant to any type of damp or rot damage. Wood decking painting and staining products can add up to £1000's over the life span of your decking. A 25sqm area of wood decking can cost up to £150/yr to maintain, while composite decking yearly maintenance costs are £0 (ok it may cost you a broom to brush off leaves if you don't already have one). So although composite decking may have a higher initial investment, there is no doubt that your savings over 10-20 years will be huge.

Will the colour of my Composite Decking fade?

Yes but not by very much so please don't worry. You will find that over the first 12-16 weeks after installation your decking go through natural a weathering process in which the colour will start to become slightly lighter (10-15%). Why is this? The composite board lightening is caused by rain that washes out naturally occurring wood oils (tannins) and natural lightening from UV exposure. However, our composite decking does contain anti-UV properties to greatly limit the effect of any UV exposure, so there is no need to worry. You will also find a very, very slight reduction in the 3D wood grain. But please do not worry as this is completely normal across composite products and will stabilise after this initial period.

Does Composite Decking splinter like wood decking does?

Wood Slpinter

Absolutely not!

What's great about composite decking is it does not splinter, crack or wrap like traditional wood decking.

You can free safe and confident walking bare feet across your new decking without catching an unwanted splinter.

Our compsoite decking is also secured using hidden fixings, meaning there will be no exposed screws that can be caught by you, your family or of course you pets. You can have peace of mind the whole family's feet (and paws) will be safe.

Feel free to order a sample and feel the quality of Alpha Composite Decking for yourself.


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