Anthracite Composite Decking - Will it be our best seller in 2021?

Rebecca Smith

January 15, 2021

Our Anthracite Composite Decking colour is fast becoming one of our biggest sellers, will it overtake grey in 2021

Choosing the right colour for your composite decking project is very important. Is Anthracite the colour for you? Well it is for many, many others...

Buying composite decking is an investment in your outdoor space and we know that starting a decking project can be a large investment. There are many things to consider when choosing your composite decking decking but one of the most important is making sure that you choose the right colour. From our 2020 sales we can see that anthracite is fast becoming a favourite choice of many... but why is this?

What is Anthracite?

First a little background. Anthracite is a form of coal used to create energy and has a dark grey/near black chalky appearance. Our Anthracite coloured composite decking is inspired by this and is a stylish, modern colour that is a great darker alternative to our ever popular grey.

It's perfect for pairing

What's great about our anthracite colour is that it's perfect for pairing with other colours in our range, especially grey. To add to some contrast to your decking you could add an anthracite border, fascia and edge trim to a grey middle section or the opposite (as shown in the picture above), adding a grey border to a gorgeous anthracite middle section.

Stylish, modern and chic

Anthracite is an extremely versatile colour, which is why it's becoming so popular, and can create a cool, contemporary look and feel to your outdoor space. As a neutral colour it will blend in seamlessly and compliment the rest of your garden including any garden furniture you choose to have on your new decking.

Anthracite is also great at helping to hide any dirt, so cleaning will only be occasionally required compared to some lighter colours of composite decking meaning you can spend more time enjoying your decking.

These are just a few of the reasons why we believe anthracite has become so popular. Why not see it for yourself and see if it's the right match for your project by ordering a free sample here.


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